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Update Time : 2021-03-24 11:49:35

The Application of Token listing at Innovative Zones

Deion and application of online currency type

In order to protect the benefits of investors, DIAMOND-EX.COM will evaluate the project, and all online traded varieties shall meet the following conditions, including but not limited to:

1、Powerful team or community maintenance;

2、Projects with actual technical support or practical application;

3、The project has no policy risks and meets professional and compliance requirements;

4、Real and timely disclosure of project information, including project white paper, regular development and progress report;

5、Other requirements of the trading platform for online currency transactions.

Statement on reserving the right of token of the offline project

DIAMOND-EX.COM reserves the right to make the project token offline. If the project party triggers the following conditions, we may announce and notify making it offline, including but not limited to:

1、False information disclosure or intentional concealment;

2、Faced with major legal and moral issues;

3、Serious technical and safety problems;

4、Dissolution of the team or inadvertent management;

5、Quarterly user flow import is less than 600

DIAMOND-EX.COM will issue a defunct notice at least 7 days in advance and users will have at least 30 days to remove the assets when the project token is offline.

If you need new digital currency, please email us at service@DIAMOND-EX.COM. We will contact you within 48 hours!

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